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And Now? We March

1.22.2017 – Chicago 

Two days after Donald Trump's inauguration, millions of people across all continents joined together for women's marches to say that women's rights are human rights. In Chicago, over 250,000 people filled the streets. What was initially scheduled to be a march for an estimated crowd of 60,000, soon turned into a rally in order to accommodate the masses. 

Parents compelled to share a piece of history, brought their children to gather in downtown Chicago. "The march will be a historical moment that she will read about in her history textbooks and know she was there" said, Cate, of her young daughter. 

Cheers rolled through the crowds. January days which creep past 50 degrees in Chicago are rare, and the weather contributed to the feeling of a family friendly event. Attendees created signs some expressing their deep concern for the Trump administration, while others used humor. Kari Sommers wheeled a knitted Trump effigy in a baby stroller who goes by the name, Teeny Tiny Trump on Twitter. 

For Cate, it was the message she could impart for her daughter which mattered most about the day.  "We march because her voice and all voices are important and need to be heard. We march because we get to be a part of how decisions are made in our country. We march to say that all people are the same and should be shown the same love and rules."

As the events of the day drew to a close, Cate's daughter turned to her and said, "well, Mom, I think they heard our voices." It seems a mother's message got through.

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